Pros of Moving to Atlanta, Georgia

When the builders of The Western & Atlantic Railroad laid the rails to the terminal station located on the east side of the Chattanooga River, they had no idea how spectacular and popular this place will be throughout almost two centuries. This is hardly surprising, because in 1843 this small town had only 6 buildings and 30 houses. And it did not have its proud name of “Atlanta” which, with the approval of the inhabitants of the city, was given to the town four years later.  

Atlanta has evolved gradually. The city flourished along with the influx of settlers who flocked to Atlanta from Europe and other American cities. Brand new hotels offer rooms to visitors and fresh newspapers were full of news about local events, most of which took place for the first time in this new city.

Atlanta became an influential city; the history of its development forever entered in the archive of cinema and was inscribed in the pages of popular novels. For example, the burning of almost the whole city area during the American Civil War has been described in the famous novel of Margaret Mitchell “Gone with the Wind”. By the way, Margaret herself lived here for almost all her life. She left the city to get a college education in Massachusetts. Later she returned to Atlanta, not yet knowing that this is the place where she would write one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.

Despite the fact that she was born much later than the events described in her book, her parents told her stories about the Civil War. Both of Margaret Mitchell grandfathers fought on the side of The Confederacy. One of them was shot in the temple, which by amazing luck chance, did not kill him while the other spent time in hiding from the victorious Yankees after the wars end.

Now the Mitchell museum – the house where she had lived – is a very popular place for Atlanta tourists and visitors. People come from all over America to witness exactly where the novel “Gone with the Wind” was written. In our opinion, one of the most amazing things in Mitchell’s house is a towel. It is lying on her desktop. The future great writer used it to cover her typewriter when guests visited her because she was surprisingly shy about her novel writing. And as we now know, her embarrassment was completely in vain and she is even to this day very popular.

If you decide that a relocation to Atlanta is what you need the first thing you will notice is that the local skyscrapers still slightly lower than those you are used to. The tallest building in Atlanta is the Bank of America Plaza. This stunning skyscraper, constructed in the postmodern style, was built in the center of the city in 1991-1992. Standing at a height of 312 meters with a 27-meter spire atop it which, incidentally, is covered with gold leaf. It is 35th-largest building in the world and the tallest building in the United States outside of Chicago and New York.

Atlanta is continuing to develop dynamically. The city became home to the head offices of many companies, including those belonging to the list of Fortune 500 companies. So if you would like to find work in companies such as UPS,  Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, AT&T Mobility or The Coca-Cola Company – then it is worth the move to live in Atlanta. For those that didn’t know, the favorite drink of millions of people worldwide – Coca-Cola – was invented right here in Atlanta in 1886.

The number of people who would like to get an education or a permanent job in this city is growing every year. Continuous population growth is a positive factor for the growth of the economic potential of the region. Incidentally, an interesting fact I stumbled upon on the Eagle Moving Company website in terms of population migration, moving to Atlanta from New York is the top choice closely followed by New Jersey to the Empire city of the South.

Thanks to excellent transport links the move to Atlanta is quite simple regardless of what state or city you live. Like all the best places, Atlanta has a well-developed transportation system. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority – the transport system for urban and suburban traffic in Atlanta is the best way to get around.

This includes four underground lines (and about 40 stations) and more than 130 bus routes. Every day more than 250 million passengers use the system to get from home to work, to university, to visit friends and a whole host of other places. After all, there are a lot of places in Atlanta that are worth visiting.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest airport terminals in the world. It accommodates air travel between most cities in the US, as well as international traffic. Therefore, even if you plan to move to Atlanta from as far away as Anchorage it will be very easy to do so, by ordering plane tickets through the cash desk of an airport, on one of the ticket sale sites or through our company’s help.

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