About Columbus Movers

At Columbus movers, we proudly serve Columbus for decades. We know and love what we do and our reputation speaks for itself.

Major part of our business is residential moving; however we are experts in commercial transportation and business relocation.

Columbus Moving helps hundreds of families in Columbus with moving. No jobs are too small or too big (too far) for us. We will take care of your relocation whether you are moving to a new house in the same town or if you are heading somewhere in GA.

Professionalism, reliability and honesty – these are 3 milestones of our business. That’s why our customers keep our phone number and call us up after years.

All our moving crews are bonded and insured. They have all had background checks and are health checks are done annually to make sure everyone is healthy enough for the job. All our employees are covered by workers compensation and all have had training on how to lift and carry your belongings so there won’t be any injuries to them or damage to your possessions.

Before the move all furnishings will be wrapped secularly before we move it from your house. Don’t be surprised to see us disassembling your some of your more delicate pieces of furniture to avoid breakage of table legs, doors and protruding pieces.