One of the most annoying stages of moving is packaging. Just imagine having to go through all that stuff you have accumulated over the years! Plus, you need to figure out what to move and what to give away or get rid of. These great tips would help you make this process much less complicated. 

1.Get the supplies 

The best thing ever is that you can actually get them for free or at a very affordable price. What you need is boxes, some newspapers and packaging peanuts. Go to your nearby stores and ask if they have some boxes to dispose of. They would be happy to get rid of them. Another place to check is a furniture store. 

Go online and look for moving forums. You wanting to get them and someone might be looking to rid of the boxes. They might have just moved in and would be willing to sell them for a trifle of the price. You can also ask all your neighbors to give you their free newspapers and advertisements to wrap your dishes and other breakables in. Buying new packaging supplies can be costly, so literally think outside the box!   

2.Pack each room of the house separately 

Get your markers out and go from room to room. You see, you need not only to pack things up in a tidy way; you need to unpack them later on in the same fashion. If you do one room after another and mark all your boxes, then they would be carried to the proper rooms right away. It makes things so much easier. 

You may use a marker or different colors for your rooms. Once you get one room done, move to the next one. 

3.Make a giveaway list 

Yes, you might have held on to that thing for years, but it’s time to say goodbye. Donate some stuff and dispose of the rubbish. Here are some items to pay special attention to: household chemicals (kitchen or bathroom supplies), garden chemicals, paints and other chemical repair supplies. Some of them can be given away. Otherwise, you need to find a place to recycle them. 

4.Prepare your appliances 

First, they have to be safely and properly unplugged. Next, you need to clean them (your oven, fridge, washing machine, dish water and microwave in particular). If you do not do it, you find them with a foul smell after the move. 

Find boxes to pack them up. If you cannot do that, make some wrapping (like a bubble wrap) and arrange for them to be packed among the softer stuff in the truck. 

5.Make a list of the most precious belongings 

This is needed to buy proper relocation  insurance. Plus, you may put them in your car and move personally. Or at least notify the movers about them. These five tips would help you pack and move hassle free, quickly and safe.