Having a hot tub at home is a pretty nice experience. You can enjoy it any time you want to. Still, if we talk of moving it, a hot tub may represent a problem, a big problem! Still you can do it. Just learn how to move such objects safely and easily.

1.You can’t do it alone 

Pretty obvious, ha? Still, very true. There is no way you can uproot your tub and move it all on your own. So, start by putting together a team of volunteers. Ask your friends and relations to help you with that. 

 If you feel like there is no one to get your back, look for a team of professional movers online. They know all the ins and outs of it and can guarantee the safety of your precious tub.

2.Uproot the tub

Remember it is not just about the tubes and plumbing, but the wires as well. First, turn off the electricity. It’s the primary safety measure. Now you can start unplugging all the wires. Coil them up, but do not leave like that. 

 You need to fix them together with some duct tape before moving the tub. If your Jacuzzi has special wire compartments, use them to tack away the cords. Get rid of all the water and moist. Put the cap in (the drain one) and remove the tubes. 

3.Clear the way

Move out all the bathroom furniture. Plan the path for the tub to travel through your house. Walk along it and see, if any objects get in your way. Just imagine you, folks, carrying the heavy thing and see the chair or table blocking the way. Some of it may suffer damage in the process. So, make the way for the big enjoyment you have ahead of time. 

4.Get the dollies 

Especially if you have a long way to travel through the house. You do not want to scratch the floors or damage the tub. So, pick the small ones suitable to go around your home and place one under the front end.

5.Go slow

Jacuzzi can easily get cracked, if you moving it and accidently drop it or just abruptly remove from dollies or let go. So, make sure you go slow. Plan the stops on your way. Take your time and all the precaution measures to secure your costly belonging and get it finally relocated from city to city. 

These five relocation tips can help you manage the task. Just think it all out and get it done.