Pros of Moving to Atlanta, Georgia

When the builders of The Western & Atlantic Railroad laid the rails to the terminal station located on the east side of the Chattanooga River, they had no idea how spectacular and popular this place will be throughout almost two centuries. This is hardly surprising, because in 1843 this small town had only 6 buildings and 30 houses. And it did not have its proud name of “Atlanta” which, with the approval of the inhabitants of the city, was given to the town four years later.  

Atlanta has evolved gradually. The city flourished along with the influx of settlers who flocked to Atlanta from Europe and other American cities. Brand new hotels offer rooms to visitors and fresh newspapers were full of news about local events, most of which took place for the first time in this new city.

Atlanta became an influential city; the history of its development forever entered in the archive of cinema and was inscribed in the pages of popular novels. For example, the burning of almost the whole city area during the American Civil War has been described in the famous novel of Margaret Mitchell “Gone with the Wind”. By the way, Margaret herself lived here for almost all her life. She left the city to get a college education in Massachusetts. Later she returned to Atlanta, not yet knowing that this is the place where she would write one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.

Despite the fact that she was born much later than the events described in her book, her parents told her stories about the Civil War. Both of Margaret Mitchell grandfathers fought on the side of The Confederacy. One of them was shot in the temple, which by amazing luck chance, did not kill him while the other spent time in hiding from the victorious Yankees after the wars end.

Now the Mitchell museum – the house where she had lived – is a very popular place for Atlanta tourists and visitors. People come from all over America to witness exactly where the novel “Gone with the Wind” was written. In our opinion, one of the most amazing things in Mitchell’s house is a towel. It is lying on her desktop. The future great writer used it to cover her typewriter when guests visited her because she was surprisingly shy about her novel writing. And as we now know, her embarrassment was completely in vain and she is even to this day very popular.

If you decide that a relocation to Atlanta is what you need the first thing you will notice is that the local skyscrapers still slightly lower than those you are used to. The tallest building in Atlanta is the Bank of America Plaza. This stunning skyscraper, constructed in the postmodern style, was built in the center of the city in 1991-1992. Standing at a height of 312 meters with a 27-meter spire atop it which, incidentally, is covered with gold leaf. It is 35th-largest building in the world and the tallest building in the United States outside of Chicago and New York.

Atlanta is continuing to develop dynamically. The city became home to the head offices of many companies, including those belonging to the list of Fortune 500 companies. So if you would like to find work in companies such as UPS,  Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, AT&T Mobility or The Coca-Cola Company – then it is worth the move to live in Atlanta. For those that didn’t know, the favorite drink of millions of people worldwide – Coca-Cola – was invented right here in Atlanta in 1886.

The number of people who would like to get an education or a permanent job in this city is growing every year. Continuous population growth is a positive factor for the growth of the economic potential of the region. Incidentally, an interesting fact I stumbled upon on the Eagle Moving Company website in terms of population migration, moving to Atlanta from New York is the top choice closely followed by New Jersey to the Empire city of the South.

Thanks to excellent transport links the move to Atlanta is quite simple regardless of what state or city you live. Like all the best places, Atlanta has a well-developed transportation system. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority – the transport system for urban and suburban traffic in Atlanta is the best way to get around.

This includes four underground lines (and about 40 stations) and more than 130 bus routes. Every day more than 250 million passengers use the system to get from home to work, to university, to visit friends and a whole host of other places. After all, there are a lot of places in Atlanta that are worth visiting.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest airport terminals in the world. It accommodates air travel between most cities in the US, as well as international traffic. Therefore, even if you plan to move to Atlanta from as far away as Anchorage it will be very easy to do so, by ordering plane tickets through the cash desk of an airport, on one of the ticket sale sites or through our company’s help.


Getting ready to move into a new house? Great. It’s an exciting time in life. However, there are some relocation tips that can make your life better. They would help you actually enjoy the process and make it hassle free. 

1.Pack a special bag

Once you move in the last thing you want to do is start unpacking. You surely would be pretty tired by that time. You want to take a shower, lie down and grab something to eat. So, get prepared and pack a special bag. Put the things you need for your first night ever in the new location. 

A good idea is to put your pajamas or some comfy clean clothes, a pair of socks and underwear, a bath towel, soap or shampoo. Just anything you might need the first night. This way you won’t have to start fishing things out of the boxes and creating mess in the new place. 

2.Use plastic bins for the things you really need

There is the stuff you want to unpack soon after you move, and the stuff you can keep in boxes for a while. Use plastic bins, the transparent ones to pack away the urgent things. This way you can see the things and start unpacking the right bins. Again, you avoid creating mess in the house. 

3.Make proper labeling 

If you have a whole house to move, create your labeling system. Write it down! Do not count on your ability to remember where things are. Use post-it notes of different colors for different rooms. Or, you may use colorful duct tape or just markers. Use one color for one room. This way you can sort the boxes easily and set them in the right facilities at the start. It helps to minimize the unpacking stress so much. If you follow these moving tips, you can make the process trouble free and enjoy the time of getting into the new home. You would have all things in their places and no mess around for good.


Moving a home can be bad enough, but how about moving an office or a company? Not many people really know how to go about this task. Yes, it is a complicated thing, but a doable one. Here are five great tips to get you started on the office relocation.

1.Set timelines

Time is crucial. It’s not just about packing things up. You have to stop the work or plan on keep on working and operating your business while moving. So, you really truly need to put together a moving schedule. Some things can be done in the off time at nights or early in the morning. Some stuff can be pack up first without creating any problems for your office operation, etc. 

Better start planning all of this ahead of time and do not attempt to make a quick move. You may get a disaster instead. 

2.Set a budget

It has to be reasonable. There are some things you can get for free (some boxes or other packing materials or hands of your team). Others have to be budgeted for. If you do not really want to make a large break in the work of your office, you need to hire a reliable moving company able to work with no delays. 

At times the high costs of professional movers get compensated by the short time you pause your work on. This means, you make more profit and waste less time. 

3.Get your team engaged 

It’s not a one may project. What you need to do is to get your people involved in it. Let them pack their working places. This way they would know where to look for things. Equip them with a good marking strategy, so things would not get lost or misplaced. Their active engagement can help you to save time and money. 

4.Make a plan

It’s all about planning. You cannot stress its importance enough. You should have a clear idea of when you start, when you end and what happens in between these two dates. Come up with a moving agenda and get your employees informed on it. 

5.Start early 

An early start is a good thing for a successful office relocation. You need to give yourself 10+ weeks on all the planning, budgeting, finding packing materials, hiring movers, etc. 

As you see, the success of relocating an office really depends on the one in charge of this process. Follow these easy tips and prepare well for the upcoming event to make it doable and hassle free.


One of the most annoying stages of moving is packaging. Just imagine having to go through all that stuff you have accumulated over the years! Plus, you need to figure out what to move and what to give away or get rid of. These great tips would help you make this process much less complicated. 

1.Get the supplies 

The best thing ever is that you can actually get them for free or at a very affordable price. What you need is boxes, some newspapers and packaging peanuts. Go to your nearby stores and ask if they have some boxes to dispose of. They would be happy to get rid of them. Another place to check is a furniture store. 

Go online and look for moving forums. You wanting to get them and someone might be looking to rid of the boxes. They might have just moved in and would be willing to sell them for a trifle of the price. You can also ask all your neighbors to give you their free newspapers and advertisements to wrap your dishes and other breakables in. Buying new packaging supplies can be costly, so literally think outside the box!   

2.Pack each room of the house separately 

Get your markers out and go from room to room. You see, you need not only to pack things up in a tidy way; you need to unpack them later on in the same fashion. If you do one room after another and mark all your boxes, then they would be carried to the proper rooms right away. It makes things so much easier. 

You may use a marker or different colors for your rooms. Once you get one room done, move to the next one. 

3.Make a giveaway list 

Yes, you might have held on to that thing for years, but it’s time to say goodbye. Donate some stuff and dispose of the rubbish. Here are some items to pay special attention to: household chemicals (kitchen or bathroom supplies), garden chemicals, paints and other chemical repair supplies. Some of them can be given away. Otherwise, you need to find a place to recycle them. 

4.Prepare your appliances 

First, they have to be safely and properly unplugged. Next, you need to clean them (your oven, fridge, washing machine, dish water and microwave in particular). If you do not do it, you find them with a foul smell after the move. 

Find boxes to pack them up. If you cannot do that, make some wrapping (like a bubble wrap) and arrange for them to be packed among the softer stuff in the truck. 

5.Make a list of the most precious belongings 

This is needed to buy proper relocation  insurance. Plus, you may put them in your car and move personally. Or at least notify the movers about them. These five tips would help you pack and move hassle free, quickly and safe.


Having a hot tub at home is a pretty nice experience. You can enjoy it any time you want to. Still, if we talk of moving it, a hot tub may represent a problem, a big problem! Still you can do it. Just learn how to move such objects safely and easily.

1.You can’t do it alone 

Pretty obvious, ha? Still, very true. There is no way you can uproot your tub and move it all on your own. So, start by putting together a team of volunteers. Ask your friends and relations to help you with that. 

 If you feel like there is no one to get your back, look for a team of professional movers online. They know all the ins and outs of it and can guarantee the safety of your precious tub.

2.Uproot the tub

Remember it is not just about the tubes and plumbing, but the wires as well. First, turn off the electricity. It’s the primary safety measure. Now you can start unplugging all the wires. Coil them up, but do not leave like that. 

 You need to fix them together with some duct tape before moving the tub. If your Jacuzzi has special wire compartments, use them to tack away the cords. Get rid of all the water and moist. Put the cap in (the drain one) and remove the tubes. 

3.Clear the way

Move out all the bathroom furniture. Plan the path for the tub to travel through your house. Walk along it and see, if any objects get in your way. Just imagine you, folks, carrying the heavy thing and see the chair or table blocking the way. Some of it may suffer damage in the process. So, make the way for the big enjoyment you have ahead of time. 

4.Get the dollies 

Especially if you have a long way to travel through the house. You do not want to scratch the floors or damage the tub. So, pick the small ones suitable to go around your home and place one under the front end.

5.Go slow

Jacuzzi can easily get cracked, if you moving it and accidently drop it or just abruptly remove from dollies or let go. So, make sure you go slow. Plan the stops on your way. Take your time and all the precaution measures to secure your costly belonging and get it finally relocated from city to city. 

These five relocation tips can help you manage the task. Just think it all out and get it done.